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Conversation Evenings

See you on the 1st Wednesday of the month,

in which we mutually exchange experiences

and support us in our grief.

Exchange of Conversations – Enlightenment and Relief – Individual Rituals

Areas such as the different mourning of couples,

dealing with friends, family members and the grief of siblings.

Professional topics and a new pregnancy can also become part of the conversation.

Mothers, fathers, grieving family members and friendscan also like

come to the evening talks.

Anyone who wants to come is cordially invited!

For the group composition, we ask for a short registration in advance,

in order to be able to better respond to the mourners.


1st Wednesday of the month at 7.30 p.m

in the meeting and counseling center of Caritas:

Marienstrasse 6

47198 Duisburg-Homberg

Free Parking possible in the cross streets to Marienstrasse

Public transport:

Moltkeplatz (about 4 minutes walk)

Bismarckplatz (about 9 minutes walk)

STERNENKINDER Duisburg | Flyer
STERNENKINDER Duisburg | Flyer
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